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Origin Of My Gamer Tag:

So I have been using RipclaW as my gamer tag since I began playing video games online. You may be wondering? Where exactly does the name derive from... So by combing two of my favorite passions, comics + gaming. It would only makes sense that I would game it up as my favorite comic book character, RipclaW which also just happens to be one of my favorite comic book series. However before "Robert Bearclaw" AKA "RipclaW" had his own comic book, he was a member of Cyber Force which is part of the Top Cow Universe. Yes I did collect the comics and also have the RipclaW action figure too. So for those of you who's spider senses may be tingling, you guessed it! My sons gamer tag is WarbladE and now reflecting back when my daughters gamer tag was created, I wonder why I didn't actually use WitchbladE instead of her original nickname which is PeapoDlol

Posers & Wannabes:

So only the realest of RipclaW fans would actually own the domain right? Which lo and behold I just happen to actually own. OMG! So what do all you RipclaW wannabes think about that? Will all the fake RipclaW's please sit down, please sit down.

I find it really irritating when someone butchers my gamer tag and calls me "Replica" seriously? Are we that stewpud learn to sound out the letters before speaking the words! It's also most amusing when I see all the lazy, lame RipclaW wannabes with the following weak gamer tags, for example: XXXripclawXXX Because triple X is were it's at kids or how about the numbers game were you simply slap the next available number at the end, like this: RipclaW378 gee, I guess (1-377) were already taken. lol

Okay kiddies let's recap. I started using RipclaW when it actually was unique and original. Which is why I own the domain, because I am indeed the real RipclaW besides the comic book character himself. I rolled in as R!P and I'll bounce out as R!P. Some playa's be changing their gamer tag up like dirty diapers! Most likely because they need to hide from the wake of hate their jerk-ish play style has left behind. Running their mouths and talking mad shit. Just ghost that persona and start a new identity, problem solved! See I don't need to talk smack nor do I have a huge swollen head. I really don't give a rats ass about personal stats and K/D spreads! I let my actions speak for themselves. Im a team player and a straight shooter, I'll give you as much respect as I receive. Please don't confuse me for something I am not. I have a very short fuse for BS! So don't even try to play me, because you've already been served. Yo!

Props & Plugs:

Now I could continue to go on and on in great detail about the subject of RipclaW but to be honest, I do have other projects to finish up. So why not just go to the source, there you can learn everything about this awesome comic and the various artist who have drawn and inked him over the years and a shit-ton more (yeah I went there) by visiting the awesome links below.