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About My Gaming History:

The Essence Poo:

So you know that guy that once loved to game it up, collected action figures and comic books too. Then he got married, bought a house with the white picket fence got the dog and had some kids. Well then it was time to grow up and cast away all the "childish" things. Peel down the big boy pants and slip on the man shackles, shit just got real! No more collecting comics. The action figures need to go and the gaming consoles and all the games would be no more, because that crap's done son! Those poor SOB's will be lucky if they can slip a quick game in, of whatever may be available at their local Dave & Buster' s, Chuck E. Cheese's or some hidden machine tucked away inside some random Ma and Pa shop or tavern. So you see that guy, well that guy isn't me! lol Over time I believe those who fell into that trap typically become miserable inside. Because they were forced to give up some of their true passions, they end up hating the world and their miserable life's and over time, they just snap! All because they had to suppress their inner child.


Code Of The Console:

For me, gaming is just a part of who I am. It's like growing up on kool aid, it's in inseparable part of myself. I've been part of the gaming industry since the very beginning. My first gaming console was actually PONG then of course ATARI 2600 and I kept moving up the rank of consoles, as each new console became bigger and better then the previous one. From COLECOVISION to the SEGA Systems and NES decks, XBOX to 360 and now the ONE!!! What No PS? Sorry Sony, I would love to have or still possibly get a 2 - 3 or even 4. I have nothing in particular against Sony, I just made a personal decision to run with Microsoft and haven't looked back since. It's hard enough just to stay up to date with all the new Xbox One releases, but hey Sony if your reading this I want to send me a Play Station. I'm sure I would manage to find the time to play it! 8)


Take Me Back Doc:

Let's rewind, believe it or not there was once a time when arcades were everywhere and my friends and I would bounce from one arcade to another happily feeding the machines are quarters. Some of are favorite games were only available at specific arcades so we would have to make are rounds from one arcade to another to hit'em all up. I would have to say two of my all time favorites arcade games would have had to been "Atomic Runner Chelnov - Nuclear Man, the Fighter" the title drew you in and the game play kept you coming back. Then "Double Dragon" I could beat that shit with just one quarter! lol One of my favorite arcade hangouts was actually located in my local K-Mart. There I would get my Joust on, don't let those eggs hatch! Then some Zaxxon, pew! pew! pew! Enjoy a little low gravity with Moon Patrol! Dig some dirt and pop some baddies on Dig Dug! Gobble up some pellets in Pac-Man and lastly Spy Hunter, the rule was you had to keep the gas floored until you crashed! Then when I ran out of quarters I would slip back to the K-Mart gaming department and eyeball the mad selection of Atari and Intellivision titles. $25.00 to $30.00 got you a sweet new release of either ATARI 2600 or INTELLIVISION, price drops at $20.00 to $15.00 and bargain bin deals for $9.99! I would save up week after week, wash cars, mow lawns, raid couch cushions and even hustle for quarters for pretend emergency calls, until I had enough dough saved up to go and score a sweet new game!


Is It All Just Games:

There's no doubt gaming will always indeed be a part of my life, now if I just could meet the ultimate gaming girl my world would truly be complete. (wink wink) So besides my gaming clan -=G!B=- GAMERS IN BROTHERHOOD. I also manage my online gaming and community website 3DKILLERS that showcases many of my gaming passions. Particularly my level designs in the Halo and Far Cry series. There you will find an awesome showcase of all the levels I have created. Since design is a distinctive part of who I am, I also design graphics at DEATHTOP but it doesn't end there because I create my own electronic ambient music which you can enjoy at SKULLSCAPE. So if you wish to support me, then please be sure to check out everything that I do. Join my networks and spread the word by telling your friends. I mean after all what's one more friend on your list of 1000's of virtual friends, it's not like you don't have room for one more totally cool and creative person. ;)


I Should Be Making Games:

Year after year gaming consoles continue to become more fantastic as the technology keeps improving, continually raising the bar of what a gaming console is capable of doing. Some games are true interactive masterpieces. I have enjoyed so many wonderful games which have influenced and inspired me. Being a part of this transition of gaming from the beginning until now is why I have such passion for gaming today. I strive to one day have my own video game company to share my passion with the world. The staggering amount of hours I have logged on all the games I have played over the years more then qualifies me as an expert game reviewer, tester or focus group provider. I know this information would be beneficial to any game development company because I truly know my heart, mind and soul should be designing video games or at the very least be employed for a company that does. If you've read this far you must really be interested in me, perhaps you could invest in me or know someone who could, or maybe your are a developing video game company that would like to bring my talent and skills aboard? I would truly be grateful to join your team just to have an opportunity to do what I was destined to always do. I just need someone to believe in me and give me a chance to prove myself.